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Andy Millar

Thanks, that is a response that is really interesting. The difficulties you raise are extremely true, nonetheless they are not software certain – it’s a nagging problem with using UKSpec to your part of engineering. And it is inescapable – engineering is really so broad as a profession that UKSpec can not be written to specify just exactly exactly what degree of proficiency is needed by which ability / strategy / ability as strongly related every (or certainly any) prospective field.

Nonetheless it does (or at the very least can) really nevertheless work – offered the right degree of expertise can be obtained regarding the evaluation group

The main thing i have seen it far less as a measure of specific technical competence, and far more as a measure of wider competence or appreciation of the role of an engineer with it is to use. Frankly the technical part is the less useful component – a mid-career engineer’s technical cap cap ability is way better shown (as i do believe you suggest) by their CV and also by guidelines from their peers. But, a tremendously area that is common engineering jobs get disastrously incorrect is when designers are highly competent technically but hopeless in areas such as for example interaction, teamwork, comprehending the company needs of these business, or – sometimes – understanding their ethical obligations.

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